TannpirkerHarald Sandø is a former pop star (though completely unknown), music producer and composer, now pursuing film. His father (Toralf Sandø) was a film director, producer and actor, and his mother (Karin Neslein Sandø) was an actor and theatre instructor, so maybe Harald has film in his blood. It can at least seem so, since he won an award for his second music video, Fairytale, by the Norwegian artist Eliksir (Elin Synnøve Bråthen), in the English Music Exposure Awards in 2008.

At about 15 years old, Harald felt he had to choose between photography and music as his main interest in life. He chose music, but kept photography as a hobby for all these years. Several thousand pictures and several hundred songs later, Harald decides to switch to film. The music business had taken its toll on him, and he had made the award winning music video, giving him new challenges he felt was more rewarding than pursuing a continued career in music.

In addition to film, he also wanted to give back to society, like millionaires do after they have earned their millions. Not that Harald had any millions, still, he wanted to give back. Or at least give. At approximately the same time in 2008, he discovered a resource based economy and gift economy. Having had a nagging feeling for years that something was wrong with the global monetary system, he now understood that it wasn’t anything wrong with the system, the system worked perfectly, it was rather the wrong system for the whole world to prosper.

Since he was about 5 years old, or as long back as he can remember, he also had a feeling that ‘there was more between heaven and earth than meets the eye’, only having to wait several years before getting any confirmation of this. Not joining the ranks of guru followers or religious fundamentalists, he functions pretty well in society, being proud of having awakened at least one friend to the power of the mind. He uses the power of his own mind regularly and have built his own businesses several times, letting the ‘law of attraction’ work for everyone’s benefit. It should be mentioned that Harald also likes to travel, and have visited several countries on all continents, having experienced the world as tourist, backpacker, choir singer, photographer, film maker, troubadour and guest.

Now, after he switched to film in around 2008, he has made more music videos, wedding film, short film, documentary, and lots of corporate films of varying lengths, from short commercials to longer presentations. He really enjoys film and continually develops himself in this field by reading books, watching films, taking courses, and of course making films. He has started work on a collaborative feature film that he hope to finish one day, exerting himself as a script writer, something he also does on smaller corporate films in collaboration with the client.

He is fluent in Norwegian, English and Swedish, speaks a tiny bit of French, some words in Persian and wants to learn Spanish. He loves to work in a team, but functions good by himself as well, experienced as he is from years of running his single enterprise as well as corporation. He is very curious about the world, want to learn more about edible wild plants, permaculture principles and the environment. Even though he has no hair and might look like a bandit, do not be afraid of him as he is very kind. He loves both cats and dogs. And other animals. And kids.

For more detailed bio, check out LinkedIn.