New Film Production Website Up

It’s been up a while now, but I thought it was about time to announce it on this site which now will be my ‘personal website’ and blog. And here it is. Click on the image to see the site:


Simple and clean. Made the logo myself as well. Got a tip from my office colleague to make the ‘Ø’ red. The ‘Ø’ letter is a letter only found in the Norwegian alphabet and is pronounced like the [u̇] in ‘sure’ [shu̇r].

I’ve chosen to have one film on the front page instead of the latest work, and I chose the Waking Up forest scene, even though that was made quite a while ago. I’ll change that now and then, and maybe replace it with a ‘showreel’ video someday.


Cosmetic Surgery – Latest Job Now Finished

The last fall was spent on making 8 films for a Swedish cosmetic surgery company. They had a 25 year anniversary, and wanted films, both for education, to mark the anniversary and to promote themselves to new clients. I certainly have a different look on cosmetic surgery now.

This was a job where I could do all of it myself, even though I really missed a camera person and/or a sound person at times, so I could have focussed more on the directing. I edited the whole thing as well, experiencing the challenge it was to cut together their main film. This film was supposed to contain images from the companies 5 departments around Sweden with short interviews of different personnel, clients and surgeons in a compelling mix. It took a while to get all the footage sorted and the best clips recognized.

Here’s the main movie we ended up with:

Directed, shot and edited by Harald Sandø.

Cosmetic Surgery – Work In Progress

Almost done, only some adjustments, and then I will be finished with 8 (!) films for Cosmetic Surgery (the name of the company) here in Sweden. They are 3 education films, one longer company presentation, one shorter company presentation, one product film and silent versions of the product and company film for showing in their waiting areas.

I’ve learned that cosmetic surgery is not only breast implants, but also a lot more. And instead of it being only a vanity question, it actually contributes to change peoples lives in a big way, especially when they finally get a big ailment removed or changed.

I’ll probably post the films here during the last part of November, so keep in touch if you want to see them.

My First Feature Film Scene

My oh my, things are going fast. I never thought I’d start my ‘narrative film career’ this quickly. But here I am, writing and directing a scene from a feature film idea I have had for several years. The idea is about a positive future for humanity. Since about all the future scenarios I’ve seen in science fiction movies the latest years have been pretty gloomy I thought that I wanted to change that. I had a vague idea that have started to grow the latest couple of years. And so far, it has grown into the following scene, and this website.

The film is about a guy, Ben, who froze himself down in 2010 in the hope that humanity once might be able to thaw him up and cure his disease. And this is exactly what happens. In the year 2110, the world has gone through massive changes towards the positive. Both technology and human values has developed into a whole new world, positive in all aspects for humanity. One of the aspects is that money and property is gone, and people do things for other reasons than hoarding wealth. Waking Up is about Ben’s experiences in this world and the difficulties he faces in waking up to this new reality. You can read even more details on my Vimeo page and even on the film’s own home page that will be updated with more details this summer/fall: I can reveal as much as this will be an ‘open source’ movie where several contributors can become a part of writing the script and form this film.

As I said, I never thought I’d actually get as far as creating this movie. What triggered this was the newly invented festival/competition ‘Cinema Out Of Your Backpack‘, where one could make one scene (3-4 minutes) from a feature film or documentary and send it in. The rules was that one had to use one of the new HD DSLR cameras (if that means anything to you) and all the equipment in use should fit on one backpack. A bit ‘dogmeish’, which I liked.

I thought that one scene, that I can do. Even though my idea was from a science fiction movie, I managed to write the script so that no CGI (computer generated images) had to be used, but one would still understand that this was a 100 years into the future. I had never written a script like this before, and had no idea how to do it. What I did, though, was to use meditation. I had set the scene to be played in the forest (due to the no-CGI limitation), and Ben had just ‘woken up’ from his 100 year sleep and was walking in the forest with his guide Aweena. I closed my eyes and went ‘down’. There, their conversation just ‘came’ to me naturally. What they said to each other was played out, like in a movie. And as I saw and heard what they said, I read it out loud into a recorder app on my iPhone.

I used to find actors to this, and was overwhelmed with the response. 26 interested actors of both sexes wanted to contribute. I did the casting on the phone, after having emailed them the script, and found Sara and Katene, who turned out to be perfect for the job. We did the whole shoot here in Mariestad, Sweden. The first day, I had planned to shoot while walking backwards. This turned out to be very difficult since the ground in the forest was far from even, and without a steadycam the image became too wobbly. Besides, Sara almost froze to death before we could finish. So, I had to rethink. Luckily we had agreed that they could stay until the next day. So, we went home to my place, warmed up, had dinner and I made a more detailed storyboard to the whole thing.

I realized I had to use a tripod on the whole scene, which made us having to plan every shot in detail. What they said at what place and what they did while saying it and how they moved before and after. We went through the script and this whole storyboard in the warmth of my living room several times before going out into the woods again on saturday. It took time, but we made every shot sit like a glove if I may say so. I was truly impressed with the actors and I think I learned more in those two days than I would ever had in several months on a film school.


You can read even more details on my Vimeo page.



MK Bussresor – Taking Swedes Around The World

My latest ‘biggest’ job (I’ve done a lot of small ones in between) is for the Swedish buss travel agency MK Bussresor. I never thought about travelling with an ‘all inclusive’ bus travel agency, but now I think I’ve changed my mind. MK Bussresor makes everything so relaxing and hassle free, and it was a joy making these films for them. I did the three films for MK Bussresor in collaboration with Film House, a Swedish film production company, with Daniel Permbo as director and Johan Wass as producer. The first film is the main corporate presentation, the second is their offer film, and the third, the ‘onboard security’ film, ment to be played on their buses, yet all of them are available on their website.





Sjungarna – Recording Music On Location

My latest job is a company presentation/commercial for a Swedish company called ‘Sjungarna’, meaning ‘The Singers’. Tobias Sjögren offers schools, choirs and kindergartens the opportunity to record the songs they sing in their music classes for free. The parents then gets offered the CDs for sale. A pretty smart concept that creates good memories for the families.

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

Firoz – My First Documentary

Ongoing project:

Have you heard about Jason? No? Well, then it must be because you know him as Yasha or some other name, or maybe have only seen him. He has been roaming the cities of Oslo, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam for the last 15 years, spreading his message and energy without inhibitions. Whether you’ve seen him in a woman’s dress, a colorful costume, or in more simple clothes, he’s hard to miss when he is swirling on the tram, dancing in the parks, singing on the street or selling ‘Gateavisa’ on the sidewalk cafe.

What maybe not everyone knows is that he is not only a ‘town original’ and street perfomer, he is also a talented rock artist singing his heart out and sharing his life in his lyrics. Escaping Iran as a 13 year old boy, to come to Holland only a few years later, and Norway a few years after that. Not wanting to be conformed into anything, but aiming for the freest lifestyle of all. Not many possessions, not much money, but a drive towards being himself and making his music. The documentary is in the making, but you can watch a little teaser here:

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

Guinness World Record Commercial

This is a commercial I made for an event happening in Norway in April 2011. 6000 people (hopefully) will attempt to each swim 60 feet over a period of 24 hours…. Directed and edited by me. Over water footage by me, under water footage by Even Hjartholm.

The Venus Project in Stockholm – Lecture

I filmed this in July 2010 as The Venus Project, featuring Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, visited Stockholm and held their lecture there. I filmed it together with Vesa Rahkola and edited it myself. You can read more about The Venus Project on their site:

Property Styling Film

Styling your house or apartment can have a drastically positive effect on the sale. This was something Norwegian real estate broker Eiendom 24 wanted to show by illustrating it in a film. The broker includes styling consulting in all their sales. I used some time laps to show the transition from the empty apartment to the finished one. Pretty big change.

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.