MK Bussresor – Taking Swedes Around The World

My latest ‘biggest’ job (I’ve done a lot of small ones in between) is for the Swedish buss travel agency MK Bussresor. I never thought about travelling with an ‘all inclusive’ bus travel agency, but now I think I’ve changed my mind. MK Bussresor makes everything so relaxing and hassle free, and it was a joy making these films for them. I did the three films for MK Bussresor in collaboration with Film House, a Swedish film production company, with Daniel Permbo as director and Johan Wass as producer. The first film is the main corporate presentation, the second is their offer film, and the third, the ‘onboard security’ film, ment to be played on their buses, yet all of them are available on their website.





Sjungarna – Recording Music On Location

My latest job is a company presentation/commercial for a Swedish company called ‘Sjungarna’, meaning ‘The Singers’. Tobias Sjögren offers schools, choirs and kindergartens the opportunity to record the songs they sing in their music classes for free. The parents then gets offered the CDs for sale. A pretty smart concept that creates good memories for the families.

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

Guinness World Record Commercial

This is a commercial I made for an event happening in Norway in April 2011. 6000 people (hopefully) will attempt to each swim 60 feet over a period of 24 hours…. Directed and edited by me. Over water footage by me, under water footage by Even Hjartholm.

Property Styling Film

Styling your house or apartment can have a drastically positive effect on the sale. This was something Norwegian real estate broker Eiendom 24 wanted to show by illustrating it in a film. The broker includes styling consulting in all their sales. I used some time laps to show the transition from the empty apartment to the finished one. Pretty big change.

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

The International Museum of Childrens Art

The International Museum of Childrens Art is located in Oslo, Norway. They have a huge collection of amazing childrens art from all over the world. After having been there my view of childrens art chugged drastically. From having a somewhat preconceived notion that childrens art is something like colorful doodles on a peace paper to the realization that children, from 3-18 years, are capable of producing art that I personally think surpass many adult artists art.

I made this video for them to have a film where the world can see what they are all about. In addition to showcasing childrens art they have concerts, workshops, entertainment and a substantial doll collection. Well worth a visit.

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

Kiman Test

This was I test my ‘partner in crime’, Andre Clemtesen and me did to test out a couple of new models and to pitch this idea to a clothe chain in Norway. I think the inexperienced models do a pretty decent job!

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.

Advokat 24 – Corporate Web Film

This little film was made for a lawyer company in Norway. It illustrates their goal of helping all kinds of people and businesses in any kind of legal trouble. Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.