New Film Production Website Up

It’s been up a while now, but I thought it was about time to announce it on this site which now will be my ‘personal website’ and blog. And here it is. Click on the image to see the site:


Simple and clean. Made the logo myself as well. Got a tip from my office colleague to make the ‘Ø’ red. The ‘Ø’ letter is a letter only found in the Norwegian alphabet and is pronounced like the [u̇] in ‘sure’ [shu̇r].

I’ve chosen to have one film on the front page instead of the latest work, and I chose the Waking Up forest scene, even though that was made quite a while ago. I’ll change that now and then, and maybe replace it with a ‘showreel’ video someday.


Cosmetic Surgery – Latest Job Now Finished

The last fall was spent on making 8 films for a Swedish cosmetic surgery company. They had a 25 year anniversary, and wanted films, both for education, to mark the anniversary and to promote themselves to new clients. I certainly have a different look on cosmetic surgery now.

This was a job where I could do all of it myself, even though I really missed a camera person and/or a sound person at times, so I could have focussed more on the directing. I edited the whole thing as well, experiencing the challenge it was to cut together their main film. This film was supposed to contain images from the companies 5 departments around Sweden with short interviews of different personnel, clients and surgeons in a compelling mix. It took a while to get all the footage sorted and the best clips recognized.

Here’s the main movie we ended up with:

Directed, shot and edited by Harald Sandø.

Cosmetic Surgery – Work In Progress

Almost done, only some adjustments, and then I will be finished with 8 (!) films for Cosmetic Surgery (the name of the company) here in Sweden. They are 3 education films, one longer company presentation, one shorter company presentation, one product film and silent versions of the product and company film for showing in their waiting areas.

I’ve learned that cosmetic surgery is not only breast implants, but also a lot more. And instead of it being only a vanity question, it actually contributes to change peoples lives in a big way, especially when they finally get a big ailment removed or changed.

I’ll probably post the films here during the last part of November, so keep in touch if you want to see them.