Cosmetic Surgery – Latest Job Now Finished

The last fall was spent on making 8 films for a Swedish cosmetic surgery company. They had a 25 year anniversary, and wanted films, both for education, to mark the anniversary and to promote themselves to new clients. I certainly have a different look on cosmetic surgery now.

This was a job where I could do all of it myself, even though I really missed a camera person and/or a sound person at times, so I could have focussed more on the directing. I edited the whole thing as well, experiencing the challenge it was to cut together their main film. This film was supposed to contain images from the companies 5 departments around Sweden with short interviews of different personnel, clients and surgeons in a compelling mix. It took a while to get all the footage sorted and the best clips recognized.

Here’s the main movie we ended up with:

Directed, shot and edited by Harald Sandø.