Firoz – My First Documentary

Ongoing project:

Have you heard about Jason? No? Well, then it must be because you know him as Yasha or some other name, or maybe have only seen him. He has been roaming the cities of Oslo, Stockholm, London and Amsterdam for the last 15 years, spreading his message and energy without inhibitions. Whether you’ve seen him in a woman’s dress, a colorful costume, or in more simple clothes, he’s hard to miss when he is swirling on the tram, dancing in the parks, singing on the street or selling ‘Gateavisa’ on the sidewalk cafe.

What maybe not everyone knows is that he is not only a ‘town original’ and street perfomer, he is also a talented rock artist singing his heart out and sharing his life in his lyrics. Escaping Iran as a 13 year old boy, to come to Holland only a few years later, and Norway a few years after that. Not wanting to be conformed into anything, but aiming for the freest lifestyle of all. Not many possessions, not much money, but a drive towards being himself and making his music. The documentary is in the making, but you can watch a little teaser here:

Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.