Use Love (Wash Away Hate)

This is my first music video, and also my first ‘real’ contact with film what so ever. And yes, it’s me in that video.

The video is from my first album, LateBloomer – Another View, and came about as a friends idea of me as an angel trying to ‘save the world’. I both liked and feared the idea for several reasons. I feared it because for some strange reason, I had always had a weird fear that I would some day jump and dance down Karl Johans street in Oslo…and in this video I do just that! And wouldn’t you know it, now the fear is gone. Face your fears.

My friend Gousia had the idea and shot the indoor scenes, but for some reason, she refused to do the outdoors ones. My good friend Bjørn rose to the occasion, though. At that point a film production company owed me for making music to one of their documentaries. Something I never got paid for, since they never succeeded selling their work. For that reason they lent me their camera, and said they would cut the video after. But since I got delayed because of bad weather, they had to wait a few weeks because of work they had gotten. So, I started cutting it myself.

I had an old laptop with Sony Vegas on it, and with an attached hard drive, I embarked on the task. A wouldn’t you know it. By the time the film production company was free for work, I had done the whole thing. I showed it to them, and they said that they couldn’t have done it any better themselves! Below is my result. Unfortunately I cannot find any better resolution of this video than this. If I scour my basement for old hard drives, maybe someday I will find it, so I can upload a better version.


Directed, filmed and edited by Harald Sandø.